-No Name
-November 1995

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I feel so depressed even when I’m happy. How is that even possible?


I don’t know what’s making my heart so heavy.


I know this can’t happen, you and I. And I know you probably don’t feel the same way. And I know this is wrong. You’re one of my best friends, I had no idea this would ever happen to me, but I’ve just grown so fond of you. After all these years, you’ve been right in front of me and I was too blind to even see it. But this can’t happen. I value our friendship too much to risk it.


No matter what I do or how hard I try to fight it, you still make me fall even harder for you every day. And believe me, I am trying so damn hard to stop feeling this way, but I just can’t.



I’m kind of totally sad right now, not even for myself but this girl a few feet away from me is pouring her heart out to a friend because she has been with this guy for a year and suddenly he’s all, “I met this girl in my chemistry class and she just makes me laugh a lot and so i think it’s time…


This is the most upsetting thing I’ve seen


This is the most upsetting thing I’ve seen


All I want to do is write about you, but I know if I do, I’ll just fall even deeper.


Secret Rules Disney Has For Their Employees!









People who work in Disneyland or Walt Disney World amusement parks are held to a higher standard than the employees of most companies, or even other theme parks. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting (and some disappointing) rules these “cast members,” as they’re known by Disney, have to live by!

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These are so fucking awesome except the fact that they don’t allow people with tattoos thats just lame as fuck

I am Disney Cast Member and this is all true.

these are all so fucking true and it’s what made the experience ALMOST A BIT HELLISH AT THE SAME TIME

the tattoo isn’t necessarily true though…you can have them as long as you can cover them up

i knew a lot of people with tattoos and piercings laksjdf

I had to wait a month to have my plug holes grow back to normal size and be evaluated by a Disney representative in order to be approve to be placed on to a waiting list to get a job in the food department.
I did it all for nothing because 3 months later I got an email saying they filled all available positions and that I would have to reapply.
Yeeeeeeah no.
By then I was 305% done with that company and there desire for all cast members to have a “wholesome” look.
I don’t understand how body modifications have to do with being “wholesome” but alright.

They also don’t allow men to have hair “Past the ear, or shirt collar”. In Australia, that’s can be classed as gender discrimination.

With all of their guidelines it seems as if I’m gonna become a Disney princess guys! Wish me luck! 

Some of these actually make me angry…

Well I’m definitely not working there now

Disney doesnt play around. Yeesh.


I will never understand how someone has the audacity to do these kinds of things to other people. Do you not have a heart? Do you not have ethics? Or morals? For god’s sake, how can you treat someone like that and be able to sleep at night? I’m sick and tired of it all. I’ve felt this too much and too often, and I’m fucking sick of it.


I’m nothing. I’m nothing special. I’m really nothing, but a waste of space.

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